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  • Oct 12, 2021

“Of the Old Ways, . . . and of Honor” by CRB Ricky Velasco 2015 National Chairman

By CRB Ricky C. Velasco

2015 National Chairman

“On my father’s grave, these are my commitments.”

“As we have agreed upon, I am here to fullfill my end of the bargain.”

“I will meet you at this place exactly at this moment.”

Much of what we are enjoying now came from these statements. Simple and uncomplicated agreements, or even “gentleman’s agreements” were the binding contracts on how societies were brought to the present. In the earlier generations, words were adequate enough for the completion of any undertakings.  Much more so, in accomplishing colossal feats.

We now live in a very distant presence where, even our initial encounters with our clients require the completion of such ‘client registration forms’, ‘client ownership forms’ and the likes. It is for the simple reason that men nowadays have been exerting their efforts to take what is not due them. They focus their intelligence into circumventing agreements or contracts. More and more contracts now are being crafted to counter measure these ploys. Inhibition to further business endeavours are apparent and are becoming to be typical, even worse—part of the trade?

People have forgotten true values. We can see in more or less of them the “decay in meaning”. As we talk about in our coffee breaks, take virtuous note of the fact that we no longer are outraged by these infractions. That as we claim to be professionals, more of us doesn’t behave so. As I quote our local parish priest who once said that, “I cannot understand how a driver stick in his vehicle “God Bless Us” and yet drives like he worships the devil”. And I amusingly acknowledged that this anecdote is simply true and is a reality in our day to day living. Hypocrisy is what I call it—please pardon my French.

When we do utter or even loudly speak of words such as-- Integrity, Honesty, Reliability, etc. Please have the decency to be formal about it. Because, I am certainly positive that at the other end of the line, people have already bestowed their expectations on you. Would you fail them  or rather fulfil them? The obvious answer is already imbedded in your respective licenses.

At all costs, meet the end of the agreement. This is what is called ---“professionalism”. 

And maybe, just maybe we can have honour—just like in the olden days.