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  • Oct 12, 2021

The Launching of New Website of Rebap Greenhills

WEBSITE PROJECT. We created a new website that answered the Chapter’s current need for speed, listings opportunity, links to essential real estate info and access to our past pictures and other mementos.  The maker of our website was also the one who designed the REBAP Nationals’. The website direct costs totaled PhP174,000 inclusive of the PhP160,000 web development, PhP12,000 hosting and PhP2,400 maintenance.  

 The WEBSITE was developed as envisioned.  It had two portals: for members-only and for public.   The members-only section was visualized to protect listings and mementos that were either sensitive or highly special to the chapter.  The project was deemed as the online photo album and repository of good memories right from 1987 to present.

 The GH website, with URL, was officially launched in October and reinforced in the two chapter-wide and several one-one tutorials in November.  There was also a video tutorial disseminated to the group.